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Using Community Collaboration
to Break Down and Simplify
Complex Current Issues

The site currently is in beta testing. We are looking for people who are passionate about one or more current issues and are willing to engage in an ongoing discussion about them to participate in the testing. If interested, please read below.

TruthZoom provides a nonpartisan public platform for easily exploring and/or contributing to the best current thinking about any issue.

With TruthZoom, anyone can propose an issue and then work with the rest of the community to identify, refine and rate the most important points pertaining to that issue. What results is a set of relevant points, presented as simple, clear and concise statements, and ranked by importance.

These simple statements can be used by the public to quickly and easily get up to speed about the issue. In addition, it is possible to expand any individual point (or sub-point) to obtain further explanation, or to zoom-in on it to discover why it is considered to be strong or weak.

Being able to zoom down to any desired level also helps to quickly and easily identify any shortcomings or defects in the existing analysis, which can then be corrected through additional community input.

Traditional debate relies on polarization and therefore inherently rewards tactics that try to obscure the other side’s best points. TruthZoom emphasizes community collaboration and promotes clarity, transparency and objectivity, on the belief that the best points on all sides of an issue must be brought to light before truly good solutions can be found.

To participate in the beta test, please create an account, go to the Issues page, and then click "View Proposed Issues" in the upper right-hand corner to begin commenting. As soon as there are enough comments on both sides of an issue to indicate that a meaningful ongoing discussion can take place, that issue will be elevated to the next level where the points that have been made can be explored in greater depth.

For additional information about how TruthZoom works, please click here.

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